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Q: Why doesn't the stud try to get out of the STUD STOPPER?

A: The STUD STOPPER is so comfortable and doesn't interfere with his daily functions and he can simulate mating which is all they are normally focused on.

Q: I believe you should always neuter your stud

A: Many dog's don't even mature until 2 years of age, some are allergic to anesthesia, some people just want to keep their dog's intact and then there are breeders. For these people they need a safe birth control alternative thats non-surgical and non-chemical.

Q: Are you trying to get people to not neuter?

A: No we are pro spay and neuter, But we also believe if thats not a viable option for what ever your reason than you should have a safe alternative available.

Q: What breeds does this work?

A: all breeds, there is no dog to big or small, If you need a special order we are happy to construct one for you custom.

Q: Can I leave the STUD STOPPER on my stud and go out or to work?

A: We advise you supervise your dog's while wearing this product as we cannot predict each studs behavior. If worn correctly this like all other non-surgical birth control for animals or humans is 99.999% effective. It would be impossible for your stud to penetrate thru the STUD STOPPER.

Q: What would happen if the STUD STOPPER slides to the side?

A: Nothing thats what the wings are for, If worn properly though it should slide so if it is you need to check on the strap tightness. If this problem keeps occurring you need to send it back with a correct waist measurement and we will adjust the fitting at no cost to the client.

Q: My stud Is already neutered do I still need one?

A: Many studs will still mount and connect which Is uncomfortable for the female we suggest if you have not spay your female you still put a STUD STOPPER on your male.

Q: How do I clean it?

A: Simply wipe with antibacterial soap 1-2 times a day.

Q: How does he urinate?

A: The same way as always the amazing thing about the STUD STOPPER Is that It doesn't interfere with his bodily functions, which is one of the reasons they don't care If It's there. There is a rubber or plastic backing which is water proof so it dries in seconds.

Q: Can he sleep with the STUD STOPPER ON?

A: Yes It's very comfortable but to take it off from time to time is't a bad idea unfortunately there are times when you just have no choice but to separate. The STUD STOPER gives them the social time there craving and thats how it reduces stress during this trying time.

STUD STOPPER was tested for 8 years before introduces to the market in 2013 at the Gobal Pet Expo In orlando Fla.



 1.) Please measure your studs waist around very tight in front of his genitals where the waist band will go so we get an exact measurement.

 2.) Please measute from his y to the floor in front of his genitlas where the flap will go  

 Thank you,

so much as soon as we receive this information we will construct your custom STUD STOPPER  without it you risk sending it back for adjustment which we will do at no charge but it may be at a crucial time when you really need it.

YOU CANNOT ORDER FROM THIS WEBSITE. Please go to or directly to and put our address the amount for the size you need plus $4.96 shipping for U.S. And $9.95 for out of country. if you have any problem please email us directly at

Thank you,


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DONE Sending...

Karen Meyers | Reply 24.06.2014 09.49

I have a Golden Retriever
23 inch waist
67 pounds
4 years old
I also own a female , who is due to come in heat soon....

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06.12 | 10:47

Years old model finally gave way to use. I sent it back to be re-stitched, only to have David send me a new replacement! WOW!! Now that is great service!!

09.10 | 23:42

Ah, happy to see that you are redoing the Amazon page. Looking forward to purchasing one. I just don't want to take my pups balls away...

30.08 | 11:41

13" waist
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
8+ months (born 1-1-17)
10" floor

04.08 | 00:19

Hi here's s copy of my order.Confirmed. ETA: Fri. Aug. 11. eBay will update the estimate when it ships to 240 Conchardee Ln.

Measurements waist 22"
floor 11"

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